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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Auto-Tune! Is It Dead Yet 2007-2010

tpain autotune The first time I heard T-pain was with his minor hit Im in Love with a stripper, it was cleaned up for the radio to Im in love with a dancer and even back then he had decided to roll with the robotic sound that sounded like a voice box, this process had been expiremented with before and the first big hit to use it extensively was Tell me Something Good By Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan, it was upped to a gimmick by the legendary funk master Roger Troutman and his band Zapp. With his hit More Bounce To The Ounce and over a dozen more hits that sounded similar. Others experimenting with that sound were all the Electro-Rap groups like Afrikka Bambatta, Newcleus, Twlight 22 and others. In the 90’s groups like Jodeci and Teddy Riley and Guy experimented with it as an effect It was just a dash but not the whole bottle. Which brings us back to TP the nappy boy.

roger troutman talk box

In the zero years this effect was rarely used until Tizzy showed up, had some small level success but after the megahit Buy You A Drink blew up like a BP oil rig, he refused to be known as a one hit wonder and kept on making more noise with the new version of the Voice Box. The Software program known as Auto-Tune. The intention was to correct any bad notes and keep you in tune hence the name but if you turn the effect up to 10 it just sounds robotic, and the artistic liscene kicks in that you do want to sound that way. So the next thing you know, Tee jumps being a regional artist with some strip club songs to being an A list artist that everyone wants to cameo on there record to get a hit, because it’s the hot thing. And the next thing ya know ya got him guest starring on Pop Lock And Drop It the Remix, Low with Florida, Shorty (Plies first hit), Blame It with Jamie Fox, The Good Life (with Kanye), Chopped and Screwed (with Ludacris) even a forgotten tune with Dance Crew Judge Lil Mamma and it goes on and on.

That’s the history so WHERE IS AUTOTUNE TODAY? Getting spoofed by the Boondocks that’s what. As a microcosm of the struggles in the music (especially rap) in 2010, the fictional rapper Thugnificent has fallen on dire straits, All his cars are getting repossessed, and his new album (with all auto tune) tracks bombs badly, he is reduced to selling crack and even one of his rock head customers criticizes has last poorly received CD saying that yeah autotunes horrible. Its official when the Boondocks clowns you then you are officially done, I also recently saw a webcast newshow that Auto-tunes the news, and its as stupid as it sounds. They do a real newshow about the issues of the day but due it with there voice to auto-tune and its one of the most annoying things I ever heard in my life. It’s a new decade and time for new trends and it does appear that T-Pain and his gimmick will be part of it, and good riddance but if you are hooked on this sonic crack pick up the Tizzy album Epiphany - TPAIN

(Roger Troutman)
roger troutman

Early Versions of Auto-Tune
Roger More Bounce
Tell Me Something Good
Stevie Wonder Voicebox

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Toni Braxton New CD Pulse! Projected To Bomb Badly!

toni braxton pulse

We all love Tony Braxton and wish her well but its been challenging for her lately weve learned that she owes the IRS big bank, is now separation from husband Keri Lewis (of Mint Condition) In addition she has been fighting health projects, her son was diagnosed as being austistic and her last CD Libra failed despite having a strong critically acclaimed single PLEASE (I got to breath) she launched a lawsuit against her former manager Bernie Hankerson for $10 million dollars charging him with fraud. So in other words the last 10 years have not been so great so one of the worlds hottest MILFS at the time of his writing Toni is 41 years old but she look so damn good and is in such great shape she could pass for 25!

Anyway enough of the window dressing the critics and blogosphere has nothing but negatives to say about her Pulse releases with most reviewers saying that the album doesnt have one, and TB is stuck in the early 90's. I bet she missing those days when your debut album goes 7x platinum and you rack up 6 grammys. The record industry overall is in the toilet but major stars can still move 750 thousand to 2 million units. But based on projections this Pulse album released on May 4th, 2010 will do about 10,000 to 15,000 units it first week, which means it will probably top out at 50-60,000 if they are lucky thats only 10% of the way to a gold record, which means her unit sales dropped from a 2010 Bentley to a 1992 Ford Festiva. To tell you the truth I think Miss Braxton is the victim of being caught in that trap were shes too old for teens to relate to (they are into Nikki Menaj or Riahanna) and her original audience has lost track of her and they are in there 30's and 40's now and raising kids and not even aware she has new music out. In addtion shes been out trying to stay relevant with exploits such as her club event seen GRINDING ON WHITE RAPPER ASHER ROTH she also did well on Dancing WIth The Stars and Her Las Vegas show was well received butas a recording artist she may be done. i wish Toni the best but it doesnt look good for her as a recording artist her new management and label shouldve hired Maxwell for a duet or something, best of luck to her i hope the projections are wrong but we'll see support her by buying the TONI BRAXTON - PULSE CD

toni braxton greatest hits

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Artist That Outgrew There Original Name!

The lesson in the music biz should be be careful what you name yourself and make sure its something you dont mind having 10 years in the future of longer (if you make it that far) because you may start off with something so dumb that you are stuck and cant grow with it. Heres an example of the best (worst) names in music history!

That stands for 3 little women in a rip off of SWV but the minature version. The fired original member Naturi Naughton who went on to play Lil Kim in the Biggie biopic Notorious Movie. The group dropped the 3L and now reinvented themselves as the Cheetah Girls With a Disney contract so it worked out for all

They were so young and so talented but The kids grew up and once in there teens the phrase about not being mature just aint working anymore! They flipped to to IMX but all the hits were used up by then but they did spin off B2K which spinned off Omarion for what its worth.

Had a minor hit in the south with The Dip and has resurfaced as Mr Collipark and one of the leaders of the ATL snap whisper sound, producing for Yin Yang Twins (Wait) and David Banner (Play) and discovering the first true internet rap star Soulja Boy Tell em so rap may never be the same, for better or worse

The Teenagers
Lead by Frankie Lymon and performers of one of the 5 best songs in all of pop music history Why Do Fools Fall In Love they broke up almost immediately with Franky going solo but loving the taste of drugs more than being a professional artist, even if he wouldve stayed the group name would put them in a box forever!

Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo
This was easy, they both just dropped the LIL from there name, Bow Wow still has an OK career but not the Michael Jackson of the rap game people prophecied, Romeo son of Master P the ultimate silver spoon kid did a Nick show and now plays Division 1 ball for USC but riding the pine the 5"11 sophomore real name Percy Miller averaged 0.7 ppg as a sophomore

3lw cd cover immature imx

New Kids On The Block - How ya gonna call yourself a kid when you in your 40's?
ABC - Michael Bivins New Edition spin off, one hit when they were cute but it was over quickly
The Boys - Another Jackson 5/New Edition attempt minor R&B hits in the 80's
Mokenstef - Tried like Jodeci to have group based on the 3 grou members one hit Hes Mine disappeared

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rap Pioneer The Guru of Gangstarr Dies At 43

guru dead

This was a shock to hear that the Guru had passed. I didnt even know he was sick. but hes now passed from Cancer. My first moment hearing Gangstarr and there jazz influenced style i was impressed. This wasnt a duo interested in going pop like Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince or trying to be sexy to appeal to the ladies like LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane were into, The Gangstar was into straight up street level, timbo wearing head bashing beat inspired with jazz hooks and scratches. The Gurus casual flow and DJ Primos crushing beats delivered critical acclaimed album after album and even spinning off Jeru Tha Damaja with his hip hop Classic Come Clean. the tracks from the Gang will live forever among true hip hop fans that hated commercial rap they were heroes. with Just to Get A rep, Suckers need Body guards, Dwyck with Nice and Smooth, Whos Going To Take The Weight. One of the few 80's rap groups from NYC that survived the early 90's West Coast barrage and remainded consistently popular. And his DJ the ever relentless Primo created classics for Biggie Smalls With Unbelievable and Kick In The Door. Rest in Peach Guru you will be missed.
#Mass Appeal The Best Of Gangstarr

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Worst Athlete Turned Rapper! Dont Ever Try To Rhyme Ever Again!

Mostly from the 90's when everyone was getting paid in the rap game before the recession that even athletes and for some reason mostly basketball players thought they could rap too, and mosty with bad results! heres the worst

deion sanders rapping

He was buddys with MC Hammer so he thought he could use his swag on the field and transfer it to his on wax performance and be platinum right?? wrong. dead fucking wrong. I dont know what Neon Dieon called this crap was it rapping? was it singing? who knows it was just bad from Hammers Bust It Records the 1994 dud "Must Be The Money" a bad remake of the disco/rap hit "Must Be The Music" this was so bad it should be on a VH-1 awesomely bad show! Deone Sanders Must Be The Money

If you think hes cocky then you must not remember his rookie year and sophomore year in the league. Telling Charlotte Hornets that he would never play for them if they drafted him, Waving off Karl Malone in the All star game, and his short lived rap career. There was an album produced but it was so bad that the record label refused to release it. true story if you insist on hearing him rap click the link, Kobe Freestyle?

kobe bryant rap album

Chris Webber - 2 Much Drama
He got help from Kurupt from the Dawg Pound, probably a little too gangster than the league was looking for in the 90's from one of there best players. and he wasnt a bad rapper but the persona of being gangster and coming off like Spice 1 acting like hes so much pain, with an angst look from an album called too much drama. What was he stressed about he signed a $100 million contract to play ball for a living. he wont be remembered for his rapping (hes not that good), or winning a championship (he didnt) but will always be remembered for the timeout versus Carolina in the NCAA final C Webb and Curupt (Gangsta Tell Me How You Do It)

Ron Arest
Not as accomplished on the mic like his fellow queensbridge murderers Mobb Deep he sucked as a performer and worse as a label exec of his own record label that attempted to revive the career of girl group Allure. In the biggest idiot move of all idiot moves, less than a week after the malice at the palace press conference he stops mid sentence about that fresh incident and plugs his label and the new Alure album about to be dropped. Completely unbelievable, and lack of tact and timing it just leaves you speechless, and the Alllure album tanked.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shack daddy did pretty good in his first releases such as "Biological Didnt Bother" blasting his real father for not supporting him growing up and showing up AFTER the Shaqtus got rich, and even better You Cant Stop The Reign so smooth with a remix lyrics with Biggie Smalls. But he didnt stop while he was ahead and kept releasing albums that eventually got as bad as his Movies like Steel and Kazam. Yeah that bad!

Allen Iverson As JewelzFull of stories of Bitch Ass Niggas, His Bentleys and calling niggas faggots. His flow is ok actually better than so called hot rappers from Yung Money and Plies but the comissioner Stern wasnt too happy about this so Reebok and his handlers kind of made this just go away! and you never heard Alen Iverson as Jewels - 40 Bars

Roy Jones - Round OneHe sounded like a poor mans version of Willie D from the Ghetto Boys and had a problem staying on beat rap at its worse sounds less like clever poetry and more like some nigga on the mic talking shit that dont make sense and Roys version is the latter Roy Jones - Go Hard or Go Home


Tony Parker - So Bad Only released in his home country of France
Andre Rison - Did a song with Ghostface that everyone forgot or never knew existed
Dana Barros - Former Boston College and Celtic journey tried to rap no one cared

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Top 10 Songs About Masturbation! Say What?

You probably didnt even know, or forgot, or secretly like these uhh anthems of uhh self pleasure some are blatant hedonistic songs about playing with yourself while some of them had you singing along mindlessly to songs that were about thrusting your love muscle and you didnt even know it! here are the best of the rock n roll era released in the last 25 years for the art of being an auto-sexual

tweet r&b TWEET - OOPS OH MY Before the prhase Tweet meant annoying unnecessary messages at 140 caracthers or less it was the name of a promising R&B singer and Track #7 Her first hit in 2002 blew the roof with this massive Missy Elliot penned and Timbaland produced funk jam that went to a place that most R&B favorite tracks dont dare to go, she was talking about pleasuring her chocolate pink and only the most naive people didnt get it! but Missy's adlibs shouldve made it obvious this is a classic forgotten album Tweet Southern Hummingbird

cindy lauper CYNDI LAUPER - SHE BOP Her 1984 follow up to the playful womens anthem Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, yes they want to and this is how they do it. This one completely got past the censors and you had elementary kids singing this filth and they and probably there parents had no idea what the song was about. But it included lyrics saying they say I better stop or I'll go blind great stuff! Cindee Lauper - Shes So Unusual

michael jackson reissue MICHAEL JACKSON - BEAT IT Ok this has never been confirmed to be about jacking your dick but lets face it the title of the song is called BEAT IT and of course you remember the video with an all male cast, not one single female in it, and dudes in a gang fight that turns into a broadway musical once MJJ shows up, and the repetitive suggestive lyric over and over and over just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it with that heavy breathing, now youuuuuuuu tell me thats not about jacking off. RIP Mike Jacko you got one pass the censors and it became one of your top 5 biggest hits! Michal Jackson's Thriller

purple rain appolonia PRINCE - DARLING NIKKI Lets face it Prince was the erotic explicit pied piper of R&B years before you heard of R Kelly and he pushed the envelope first on the type of raw sexuality that people were ready for in a "pop star" Jefferson Airplane (Starship) and Kool N The Gang started raw and cleaned up there stuff to be more corporate rock and soul but not Prince he kept it raw like sushi, and you know the lyrics. I met this girl named Nicki I guess you can say she was a sex fiend/I met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine! The Kid pulled no punches! Awesome! Prince Purple Rayne

turning japanese THE VAPORS - TURNING JAPANESE Another subversive classic from a forgotten New Wave band from the UK but the song lives forever in tongue in cheek joke infamy. People sung this in 1980 thought it was an ode to Japanese culture but in reality it is a slang term that when you are masturbating you squint so hard when you orgasm that it makes your turn japanese! completely racist and filthy all in one but it was a hit! the bastards fooled everybody if you ever see the video on VH-1 Classic you will bust out laughing now! The Vapors - Turning Japnese

Rounding out the Top 10

6. Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol... Oh? thats what he meant, Billy loved the double entendre

7. I Touch Myself - The Devinyls... So smooth it sounds too romantic to be this filthy

8. The Reflex - Duran Duran... Whey dont you use it, try not to bruise it. case closed

9. Pink - Fingers... I let my fingers do the walking to her "Pink" how ironic!

10. Britney Spears - Touch Of My Hand...Yep she went there as early as 2003!

choking the chicken

Pussy is sweet, so is honey. Jack Your Dick And Save your money - Old Army Saying


Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Top 10 White Musical Artist That People Thought Were Black?

If you look up the phrase Blue Eyed Soul in wikipedia it means rhythm and blues or soul music performed by white artists but it goes a little bit deeper than that. The root of all popular american musical styles is the blues of course but this post shows that the stereotype of white performers simply copying and doing bad impressions of Black artist is a little far fetched. The African-American experience is definitely the innovator but the interpetation of some of these melanin deficient performers is a good tribute to there darker skin heroes!

Top 10 Best White Performers Doing Black Music Are!!

tina marie greatest hits

TEENA MARIE A protege of The Superfreak himself mr Rick James (bitch) with her professional outing singing a duet with freaky rick on the unforgettable Fire And Desire. She went on to have other hits on Black Radio that were extremely popular with the Black Family reunions in the early 80's with Square Biz, and A Sucker For Your Love. Ironically she was so BLACK sounding that she never crossed over back to white shes always been like a special ivory skinned soul singer thats always been a fav of Black people shes like our own special treasure! Major props to the queen of white funk and soul be sure to get the CD or MP3s for Ten Marie Greatest Hits

macolm mcdonald doobie

Malcom Mcdonald Hear him talk and he sounds like a regular white guy hear him sing and he sounds like a big black guy. He is best known for his legendary hit I Keep Forgetting which was made even more popular by being sampled by Warren G and Nate Dog for there 90's hit Regulate before success as solo blueeyed soul act he was leader singer of the Doobie Brothers on such memorable tracks like Taking It To The Streets and What a Fool Believes Malcolm looks like Kenny Rogers but sings like Barry White in a husky baritone, be sure to get that CD of his best here Michael Mcdonald Greatest Hits

bobby caldwell

Bobby Caldwell This is the shocker to most people under 30, when the hear the song they know What You Want Do (You Do For Love) sampled, remade, sung on the apollo amateuer night etc. and they assume its a classic soul song by a black singer but its not the original performer is Bobbie Caldwell who is white as the whitest whiteman you can find. 32 years after its 1978 release people still assume hes black.. LOL its He may be known for this one hit wonder only but man its a big one and supremely influential on future acts like Robin Thicke (who will get to later) and back to other black performers who influenced him, this is the great example of unintenional cross over, boby didnt know this would be accepted and loved by urban fans but it did by accident and not by some clever marketing scene it justs good pop/soul music. check out Bobby Caldwel CD

hall and oates

Hall And Oates From Philly Pa and one of the most successful pop duos in the history of recorded music, you get the feeling they spent there young years listening to a ton of Gamble And Huff produced music of the Ojays, Teddy Pendergrass and others, Hall and Oats (and that porn star looking mustache) were as popular and respected by the R&B soul crowd as much as the Pop crowd which you rarely see that type of appreciation. I was listening to black radio in the 80's and heard HAO in heavy rotation and requested. The hits are limitless I Cant Go For That, Out Of Touch, or the great ballads One On One, Sarah Smile if you dont have them on your playlist then you dont know shit about music get it Hale And Oats Greatest Hits

The Rest of the List!

5. Christina Augerilia
I am aware that she has a latin father, which technically makes her ethnic and not lily-white but she wasnt raised in this afro-carribean environment but as a regular white girl in Pittsburgh, PA and showed an amazing gift early on the Mickey Mouse club with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake it was HER singing lead mostly. When they first signed her and she did by the numbers teen pop but has burst out with critically acclaimed jams like Aint No Other Man (where she sounds like she challenging Martha Wash or any other 300 pound big black woman ironcally in a little white girls body) and my fav is Beautiful her grammy nominated Ballad. Britnay and her peers may stick to mindless pop but Chrissy is on to something and i expect a long lusturous career for her! Christina Aguilera Best Of A Decade

6. Tom Tom Club
An off shoot of the punk group Talking Heads with there bassist Tina Weymouth and her husband Chris Frantz did a tribute to the funk sound they love and influenced by Roger Troutmans classic More Bounce they came up with Genius Of Love and it used Bernie Worrell of P-Funk fame on the keyboards, and Bootsy Collins. This early 80's experiment has survived the test of time sampled by too many rappers to name get this one. TomTom Club 1981 CD Reissue

7. Lisa Stansfield
She had a huge hit on black radio in 1989 with Been Around The World (and I, I, I, cant find my baby) and shocked all her fans when they found out that there new favorite singer wasnt a black woman in her 30's but a English white lady in her early 20's at the time singing very black she had a few more minor hits but All ARound the way is her magnus opus TomTom Club 1981 CD Reissue

8. Taylor Dayne
Her dance floor big lunged super hitTell It To My Heart in the 80's killed black and pop radio but she never seemed to blow up to the level of her talent she had a few more hits like I'll Always Love You, and her remake of the Barry White classic Cant Get Enough OF Your Love Babe Tailor Dayne is underappreciated by history. Taylor Dane Best Hits

taylor dane

9. Kraftwerk
There German robot music is so influential that 99% of the hip-hop music lover market have no idea who they are but the template for miami-bass which was later slowed down and called double time crunk has all the elements of 4 aryan looking dudes from Duestchland. In interviews they said that the Beach Boys created songs that sounded like California and Kraftwerk made songs that sounded like GERMANY with the technology and big industry! They succeeded with the 1974 underground cult hit Autobahn and the break out 1977 Trans Euro Express. They kept scroging with break dance favorites Numbers and Tour De France who would think some stiff german guys may be the biggest influcence on modern southern rap/crunk when you listen to 1982 Planet Rock By Afrika Bambatta or 2004 One two step by Ciara and 2010 Low by Ludacris its got elements of Krafwerk all over it get this Kartwerk Trans-Euope Express

10. Robin Thicke
The Most successful white artist singing black at the moment, he reminded people of a smooth Marvin Gaye type thing with his hit Lost Without You and then came back with a strong second album that included Magic Touch and a 3rd release has kept him hot with Sex Therapy I guess you could say robyn thick is the white version of Maxwell, who wouldve thought the son of the father on Growing Pains would score so much credibility with a smooth black sound! Kartwerk Trans-Euope Express

others receiving votes

Eminem - If we are talking the rap game he has no peer among white rappers none got this live
Annie Lennox - Most famous as the vocalist of the Eurythmics in Sweet Dreams.
The Rascals - Good Love and Groovin From the late 60's they tore it up.
Steve Winwood - His early Spencer Davis Group stuff "Give Me SOme Loving" stuff is special
Elvis - You always gotta mention him, his Sun Records stuff 1954-58 great blues covers
The Everly Brothers - Another classic 50's duo. You Lost That Loving Feeling sounds Black

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why Are There So Many Lil's In The Rap Game!

I guess the rationale for the over abudance of the name Little (lil) is you are not very creative in thinking of a name you just say to yourself my name is Jon and Im was Jon Jr or i was extremely short compared to my peers therefore im Lil Jon, or Lil Wayne etc. The list goes on and on ad naseum of the overuse, if i hear of another rapper or singer coming out with the name Lil im going to scream! can you guys come up with something else here is a very short list!

LIL JON............(Yeah! What! Ok. - Atlanta area producer/crunk maestro)
LIL WAYNE..........(or just weezy! New Orleans by way of ATL by way of Miami raps Hot guy)
LIL KIM............(AKA the Queen B - By way of Brooklyn 4"12 rapper and dancer with thes stars)
LIL BOOSIE.........(Baton Rouge, LA born rapper big hit in 2007 with Wipe Me Down)
LIL SCRAPPY........(ATL born rapper. Not doing much these days that Ive heard)
LIL CEASE..........(Biggies Bedstuy protege from Jr Mafia learned no rap skills from d mentor)
LIL FLIP...........(dude is like 6"4 you aint little. Houston Texas reppin)
LIL J..............(ATL: now known as Young Jeezy which reminds i can do a whole young overuse)
LIL BOW WOW.........(Columbus,OH discovered by snoop dropped the lil by has outgrown the name)
LIL MAMA...........(Harlem NY, 1 hit with Lip Gloss got great gig judge on Americas Dance Crew)
LIL KEKE...........(Houston Texas part of the screwed up click no hits i can name now)
LIL ROMEO..........(son of Master P you know the story probably better at B-ball than rapping)
LIL ZANE...........(ATL rapper whos career faded quick released a 2008 that you didnt hear)
LIL O...............(Another Screwked Up Click rapper that never got big)
LIL 1/2 DEAD........(Long beach rapper from Death Row days cousin of Nate Dogg)

(damn weezy can you chill with the tats man?)
lil wayne tatoos

and thats just a short list!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

WHo Made The Best Prince Remake?

Saying that Prince is one of the most influential singer, writer, producers ever in music is like saying the sky is blue something just are and he is that dude. Hes got more talent in his little finger than most artist have in there whole body. Factoid: He didnt want to sing in We Are The World and offered to play a guitar solo but Quincy, Lionel and the other shot callers didnt feel that part was needed so Prince never appeared on the project and with all the IT stars there his non appearance did seem odd but we know the truth now, anyway here is a list of all his children imitating Daddy who had the best remake of the Purple one? I say Chaka but you decide leave a comment at the bottom and pick up the CD's why your here by clicking the links at CD Universe! #PRINCE Wikipedia Page

Prince in London


(from Princes 2nd album in 19179 titled "prince)
sounds so good people dont even know it was a remake she added rapping from Melle Mel, and sampling Stevie Wonders "Finger Tips" in a pure masterpiece perfect 10!

#NOTHING COMPARES 2 U....Sinead O'Connor
another Prince masterpice appearing on his little known Prince and the family album of 1985. her 1990 rendition went #1 on the pop charts and a major worlwide hit!!

#DO ME BABY....Melissa Morgan
The only song i can remember by her and minor R&B hit for her in the mid 80's, she didnt go as high on the octave scale as the Prince original but its still good stuff.

songs remade by the opposite sex always change the gender of who there addressing but in this very well done remake it wasnt necessary! Only Prince couldve gotten away with this type of stuff back in the 80's! Tboz, Left Eye and Chilli did a great job!

Not nearly as erotic as the original but she had the pipes to deliver it to the standard

The results were mixed but he gets credit for a male artist redoing a Prince song very rare thats done Prince songs usually sound best with female remakes like above.

An overlooked Prince Masterpiece of just him on the piano belting out a bluesy song of wanting lonley anguish, Alicia does a great job but just not quite as sad as the orginial.

(Arguably Prince best record! Purple Rain)
prince purple rian
(Click D Art 2 Get it On CD for $8)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spoof! Tiger Woods The Soundtrack To The Sex Scandal!

Tiger Woods aka The Lion Cheetah.. (get it lying cheater. LOL) hes fell off hard and you shouldve seen this coming. A movie about the saga, if it was made this would be the playlist to it and it would look something like this(Said with Funk Master Flxe Voice) Get that new Hot album. Of the Tiger Woods Saga Nuttin But Hot bangers for the upcoming movies Son! We Got Young Money, We Got Usher, We Got Beynoce, And ya girl Riahanna and mo artist. Its hot SON!! Pick it up your local record store right now its that fire.. Check out the tracks on this joint!!! #Tiger Woods Wikipedia Page

tiger woods spoof


#Bust Your Windows Out Your Card....Jasmine Sullivan
#Fucking Every Girl....Young Money
#I Got Hoes (in different area codes).....Ludacris
#Confessions Part 2..............................Usher
#Its Cheaper To Keeper..........................Johnnie Taylor
#Say My Name...........................................Destinys Child
#Keep It On The Downlow.......................R Kelly

(Smash Your Windows Jasmine Sullivan)
jazmine sullivan bust windows

#Im A Ho......................................................Whodini
#It Wasnt Me.................................................Shaggy
#OPP............................................................Naughty By Nature
#Part Time Lover...................................Stevie Wonder W/ Luther Vandross
#Secret Lovers............................................Atlantic Star
#If Your Girl Only Knew...........................Aaliyah
#Beautiful Liar...........................................Beyonce' and Shakira
#Secret Lovers............................................Atlantic Star
#Womanizer..............................................Britney Spears

(Fucking Every Girl Young Money)
nikki menaj sextape

#You Know Im No Good.........................Amy Winehouse
#If It Kills Me..............................................Melanie Fiona
#Before He Cheats...................................Carrie Underwood
#Take A Bow..............................................Riahanna

Stay Tuned for more new music and keep watching TMZ on this one!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rich Harrison The Hottest Producer You Never Heard Of!

When You think of Super Producers in Hip Hop And R&B what are the first names that come to mind? Is it Timbaland, Dr Dre, The Neptunes, Scott Storch, or maybe The Neptunes, Jermaine Dupri anyone? You probably would never say RICH HARRISON. and you probably wouldnt know Richie if he stepped into your house with a shirt on that say my name is Rich Harrison, buttttt this Washington DC native has worked his way into the upper echelon of sought after producers. His big break came producing Beautiful Ones off of Mary J Bliges Brilliant Mary Album from 1999. The cut may have been one of the strongest cuts on the album but wasnt released as a single but it did make the industry take notice that this dude was for real. His biggest hits utilized his native Go Go riddim in them with Beyonce's Crazy In Love going #1 and Amerie's 1 Thing going top 5! Much Praise to Mr Harrison Youve Earned the props im giving you here, not a household name but a top tier quality producer of hot tracks in a industry of subpar plastic mp3 disposable fakeness you are producing the hot buttered soul of your generation that will last forever. The Ny Times Calls him one of musics most exciting producers and I agree.. Props #Rich Harrison Wikipedia Page

rich harrison go go

Rich Harrison's Best Work!! (Click the Art To Get the Disc or MP3 At Cd Universe)

(1 Thing From Amerie's Touch Album)
amerie Touch mp3

(Crazy In Love From Beyonce's Dangerously In Love Album)
beyonce crazy in love

(Get Right From Jennifer Lopez Get Right Album)
beyonce crazy in love

(Freak Em Dress And Sugar Mama From Beyonce B-Day Album)
beyonce b-day
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