Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Artist That Outgrew There Original Name!

The lesson in the music biz should be be careful what you name yourself and make sure its something you dont mind having 10 years in the future of longer (if you make it that far) because you may start off with something so dumb that you are stuck and cant grow with it. Heres an example of the best (worst) names in music history!

That stands for 3 little women in a rip off of SWV but the minature version. The fired original member Naturi Naughton who went on to play Lil Kim in the Biggie biopic Notorious Movie. The group dropped the 3L and now reinvented themselves as the Cheetah Girls With a Disney contract so it worked out for all

They were so young and so talented but The kids grew up and once in there teens the phrase about not being mature just aint working anymore! They flipped to to IMX but all the hits were used up by then but they did spin off B2K which spinned off Omarion for what its worth.

Had a minor hit in the south with The Dip and has resurfaced as Mr Collipark and one of the leaders of the ATL snap whisper sound, producing for Yin Yang Twins (Wait) and David Banner (Play) and discovering the first true internet rap star Soulja Boy Tell em so rap may never be the same, for better or worse

The Teenagers
Lead by Frankie Lymon and performers of one of the 5 best songs in all of pop music history Why Do Fools Fall In Love they broke up almost immediately with Franky going solo but loving the taste of drugs more than being a professional artist, even if he wouldve stayed the group name would put them in a box forever!

Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo
This was easy, they both just dropped the LIL from there name, Bow Wow still has an OK career but not the Michael Jackson of the rap game people prophecied, Romeo son of Master P the ultimate silver spoon kid did a Nick show and now plays Division 1 ball for USC but riding the pine the 5"11 sophomore real name Percy Miller averaged 0.7 ppg as a sophomore

3lw cd cover immature imx

New Kids On The Block - How ya gonna call yourself a kid when you in your 40's?
ABC - Michael Bivins New Edition spin off, one hit when they were cute but it was over quickly
The Boys - Another Jackson 5/New Edition attempt minor R&B hits in the 80's
Mokenstef - Tried like Jodeci to have group based on the 3 grou members one hit Hes Mine disappeared

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  1. Yeah Bone is back with "Uni-5: The World's Enemy", google it and enjoy :) congrats your posts are freakin funny!


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