Thursday, April 15, 2010

Worst Athlete Turned Rapper! Dont Ever Try To Rhyme Ever Again!

Mostly from the 90's when everyone was getting paid in the rap game before the recession that even athletes and for some reason mostly basketball players thought they could rap too, and mosty with bad results! heres the worst

deion sanders rapping

He was buddys with MC Hammer so he thought he could use his swag on the field and transfer it to his on wax performance and be platinum right?? wrong. dead fucking wrong. I dont know what Neon Dieon called this crap was it rapping? was it singing? who knows it was just bad from Hammers Bust It Records the 1994 dud "Must Be The Money" a bad remake of the disco/rap hit "Must Be The Music" this was so bad it should be on a VH-1 awesomely bad show! Deone Sanders Must Be The Money

If you think hes cocky then you must not remember his rookie year and sophomore year in the league. Telling Charlotte Hornets that he would never play for them if they drafted him, Waving off Karl Malone in the All star game, and his short lived rap career. There was an album produced but it was so bad that the record label refused to release it. true story if you insist on hearing him rap click the link, Kobe Freestyle?

kobe bryant rap album

Chris Webber - 2 Much Drama
He got help from Kurupt from the Dawg Pound, probably a little too gangster than the league was looking for in the 90's from one of there best players. and he wasnt a bad rapper but the persona of being gangster and coming off like Spice 1 acting like hes so much pain, with an angst look from an album called too much drama. What was he stressed about he signed a $100 million contract to play ball for a living. he wont be remembered for his rapping (hes not that good), or winning a championship (he didnt) but will always be remembered for the timeout versus Carolina in the NCAA final C Webb and Curupt (Gangsta Tell Me How You Do It)

Ron Arest
Not as accomplished on the mic like his fellow queensbridge murderers Mobb Deep he sucked as a performer and worse as a label exec of his own record label that attempted to revive the career of girl group Allure. In the biggest idiot move of all idiot moves, less than a week after the malice at the palace press conference he stops mid sentence about that fresh incident and plugs his label and the new Alure album about to be dropped. Completely unbelievable, and lack of tact and timing it just leaves you speechless, and the Alllure album tanked.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shack daddy did pretty good in his first releases such as "Biological Didnt Bother" blasting his real father for not supporting him growing up and showing up AFTER the Shaqtus got rich, and even better You Cant Stop The Reign so smooth with a remix lyrics with Biggie Smalls. But he didnt stop while he was ahead and kept releasing albums that eventually got as bad as his Movies like Steel and Kazam. Yeah that bad!

Allen Iverson As JewelzFull of stories of Bitch Ass Niggas, His Bentleys and calling niggas faggots. His flow is ok actually better than so called hot rappers from Yung Money and Plies but the comissioner Stern wasnt too happy about this so Reebok and his handlers kind of made this just go away! and you never heard Alen Iverson as Jewels - 40 Bars

Roy Jones - Round OneHe sounded like a poor mans version of Willie D from the Ghetto Boys and had a problem staying on beat rap at its worse sounds less like clever poetry and more like some nigga on the mic talking shit that dont make sense and Roys version is the latter Roy Jones - Go Hard or Go Home


Tony Parker - So Bad Only released in his home country of France
Andre Rison - Did a song with Ghostface that everyone forgot or never knew existed
Dana Barros - Former Boston College and Celtic journey tried to rap no one cared

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